Iconography is the Best Process for Image Reading!

The term iconography has been derived from Image Writing, and it has been evolved from the language of Greek. Keep in mind that iconography is the branch of art history which explains the descriptions, interpretation and identification of the image content. Also, this sort of term has used in assortment academic fields like art history, semiotics, general usage, and media sources in order to understand the image content. Still now in art history, the iconography can also represent a typical description of image content in the words of depiction of a subject.


Now, the utilization of iconography is still going on! So, you can get information regarding the image through the iconography process. If you can consider about the education department, then you can know the better way to use the iconography process for image reading. Due to perfect process of image reading, now it has managed to draw more popularity from people all around the globe. The iconography, aspects of the popular culture, is the concern of some other academic disciplines that includes Anthropology, Semiotics, Media Studies, Sociology, as well as Cultural Studies. The analyses have affected the conventional art history, particularly concepts like signs in the semiotics Discussing the imagery as the iconography in this particular way implies the critical “reading” of the imagery that attempts to explore cultural and social values. The iconography is as well used in film studies for describing visual language of the cinema, mainly within field of the genre criticism. Western writers who have taken the special note of the content of images also include Giorgio Vasari, and whose Ragionamenti, interpreting paintings in Palazzo Vecchio at Florence, demonstrates that these works were very difficult to know even for the well informed contemporaries.

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