Icon Editor – Get Easy Interface with Computer!

These days, the icon editor is a powerful tool through which designers can create high quality icons for Mac, Linux, Windows operating system, and Iphone. The utilization process of this sort of tool is very simple, so that you can create the icons through this sort of icon editor tool. Also, the designers are creating the native Windows and Mac operating system icons in ICO format and ICNS format respectively. The icons which have been designed through this sort of tool are available in assortment shape and sizes at online media. This sort of tool can make good quality icons with putting assortment excellent features through which users are getting right functionality on the computer. It is the right option for all users to make a smoother interface with the computers. Now, you need to move for the online media and get the option to download this sort of icon editor tool.


Icon editor make or edit the icons in standard and custom sizes, and in the color depths to sixteen million colors. The standard icon sizes are 48×48, 16×16, 32×32, that includes Radial Gradient, Linear Gradient, WAV, 3D Shadow, Rectangular Gradient, Text Gradient Effects, 3D Button, Arbitrary Rotation, Noise, make icons with the preset sizes, make use of the dynamic transparent colors, make cursors with the free hotspots, view Animated Cursors, create, extract some icon from file and folder, and paste images from the clipboard, choose areas for the Import from .jpg, .bmp, .wmf and .gif, images, Drag or Drop the files for editing, redo steps and unlimited undo, support the multi-language interface. The Icon Editor will edit or make the icons, animated cursors and cursors – making use of common editing tools or effects, then import the icons from files and images, as well as export icons in the custom size or color depth.

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