Color Space Needed to Considered the Color Combinations!

As we know, vast range of colors may be generated through the primary colors of pigments like yellow, black, magenta and cyan. These sorts of colors can be defined through color space process. For creating three-dimensional presentation of color space, the developers have attached the amount of magenta color to the presentations X axis as well as the amount cyan color in Y axis. At the same way, the developers have added some brightness colors in Z axis.


This sort of combinations is vastly known as HSV color space. If you want define the colors, then you need to understand the three dimensional color space technology. If you are not underrating the process of color space, then you can face big trouble by knowing how your images are drawing the appearance to print. Now, you need to considered these three dimensional process of color space. In this regard, you can judge that your image will print in superb quality. Various colors are made by primary colors of the pigment (CMYK). These colors define the specific color space and in order, to make the 3d representation of the color space, we may assign amount of the magenta color to representation’s X axis, amount of the cyan to the Y axis, and amount of the yellow to Z axis. Resulting 3D space gives the unique position for each possible color, which is made by combining these 3 pigments.

But, it is not an only possible space of color. For example, when the colors are been displayed on the computer monitor, usually they are defined in RGB color space. It is one more method to make nearly same colors (and limited by reproduction medium, like phosphor or backlight and filter, and RGB is considered as X, Y &Z axes. One more method to make same colors is using Hue, Saturation, and brightness Value.

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