Graphics Card – Producing Output Image!

A video card, video adapter and graphics cards are expansion card whose function is to produce output image to a display. Most of the video card provides additional function such as: video capture, TV tuner adapter, fire wire, light pen or the capability to connect several monitors. Some of the modern high quality graphic cards are used for graphic demanding purposes such as PC games. Graphic hardware can be include on the motherboard but the restriction to this integrated graphics chip always occurs only with early machine. In this configuration it is sometimes suggest to as a graphic controller. Modern low end to mid range motherboards always consist of a graphic chipset. Usually this graphic chip has a small quantity of fixed memory. A dedicated graphic card has its own RAM and processor for processing video images. Modern graphic processing units are very powerful and perform better comparing to the older one.


The graphics chip generally has the small quantity of the embedded memory as well as takes a few of system’s RAM, and reducing total RAM available. It is generally named as integrated graphics and on board graphics, as well as is the low performance as well as undesirable for one wanting to run the 3D applications. The dedicated graphics card has the own Processor and RAM specifically to process video images, and therefore offloads the work from CPU as well as system RAM. All these motherboards enable disabling of integrated graphics chip at BIOS, as well as have the PCI, AGP, and PCI Express slot to add the higher performance graphics card in proper place of integrated graphics. The GPU is dedicated processor that is optimized to accelerate the graphics. Processor is made specifically for performing the floating point calculations that are fundamental to the 3D graphics rendering as well as 2D picture drawing.

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