Are you interested in using stock photographs to spruce up your copywriting pieces?

If you create content or offer them to various websites that display content from outside authors as an SEO strategy, you need to think about incorporating stock images in conjunction with an impeccably penned article to ensure that your visitors enjoy reading your work and being on the page that displays your writing. Here are some tips on what you can do to get admirable stock pictures without spending a small fortune for them.

There are several free websites that give their visitors stock images that can be put to use with a mere accreditation; you can find images of a fairly good quality on such sites. Alternatively you could also visit a paid site that sells high quality images for a small free. Most sites will offer a small selection of free pictures which can be tried out without paying a dime and also these businesses will feature an assortment of paid images that can be purchased for a small fee; once you are comfortable using images with your writing.

While you are rummaging through the web pages of these sites select the type of image that appeal to you; It is advisable to begin with the images that don’t need to be paid for and then buy the graphics once you have gauged the difference in response to your articles after the inclusion of pictures. Normally the premium products are shown on a bar that runs on top of the webpage, ;while if you click on the lower section,, you can see only the free images.


Choose an image that you prefer or you should look for graphics by using keywords which is a far more appropriate alternative; after picking the pictures that you want, you should be able to ensure that the images are indeed up for sale. Almost all websites will sell images that can be used with the run of the mill restrictions although there are some establishments that impose an extra set of rules. It is advisable to check any additional conditions before you consider incorporating the pictures. There are also online businesses that may need you to get a a written word from the photographer that allows you to use the images ; however, for most a mention of the artist’s name so that people know whose work it is, is the only thing that is required.

Once you understand the formalities; download the graphics and use them with your content when uploading it to a site. Ensure that you include the necessary credit to the photographer or image maker in the photo credit section. You can get the name of the photographer by clicking on the username under the section “uploaded by”.

Then, there are other businesses where, you will have to post a link to the webpage of your content in the picture comment section. The benefit of doing so is that you will be able to get a back link which can help you in your search engine optimization efforts and channel more visitors to your online business. There are specific websites like do not allow the use of images, some other websites like are game to it. Regardless of where you use it, pictures will add a touch of spice to your writing; so, whenever you pen an extraordinary article, consider using an image to augment its appeal.
Alternatively, you could shop on an internet business that offers clip art style and animated graphics that also work well when used with articles. However, you should remember to only use graphics that can be associated with your topic.

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