777icons – Wonderful Window and Web Icons Collection!

The 777icons have the wide collection of the wonderful window icons for the menus and toolbars. All the application has easy to view and downloading. You can save more money buy selecting the icons in single or complete segment. It is also the right option both for the web and window users. Due to huge availability, you can easily search or download your desire icons. 777icons have contended numbers of icons that required for different application. To make the purchase process easier, the designers have offered a products basket for order that is available on the right side of the icons collection page. You can get your desire icons by simply clicking on it after that it will be added in the basket. The same process required to continue still your requirement icons are never fulfilled. After the end of the entire process, you need to press on proceed to checkout link bottom to move for the payment process. Lastly making end product as well as evaluating that before use. Two widely used software icons are XP icons as well as MAC icons.


They also have the different file type of extensions as well as will not get exchanged till they are been converted in required format. File type extension that is used in the XP icons is the .ico extension &.icns extension is been used in MAC. It is simple to convert 777icons being used in the XP style applications as well as vice versa making use of different available softwares. Tools used in process to make the icons differ from simple pencil &paper and Gif Movie Gear. The initial concepts should get listed as well as sketched in the paper making use of pencil. The 3D Studio Max is been used to render the 3D effects to icon. The free hand sketch is also done in the Macromedia Freehand and in the Adobe illustrator. The Adobe Photoshop is been used in finalizing details. Gamani Gif Movie Gear and Axialis Icon Wrokshop is been used to make.ico file with the required compression.

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