Should you use stock icons?

If you are into website designing or are creating an application, you probably know that graphics are often the first impression creators; they can change your software or site from being merely functional to one that is has a professional touch, simple to operate and attention grabbing.

However, creating your exclusive icon collection can be incredibly taxing and of course time consuming. If you hire the services of a web graphics designer, you will land up spending an exorbitant amount for the icon collection. As opposed to this, you can get similar quality from icon collections available over the internet for a relatively low cost. A set of stock icons usually has more than 100 images, offered in a variety of file formats that are ideal for depicting the functions that are commonly observed on every second websites and applications; for example, help, copy, paste, lock etc.

Admin Icons

If you could not get icons that live up to you expectations, you can also approach one of these internet businesses and tell them to create exclusive icons for you; this is by far the most preferable option; to state it factually, the original graphics artist will have the experience to retain some degree of commonality in all the icons in a series devoted to a particular theme.

The second question that most people ponder over is whether they should select the commercial varieties or go for free graphics, so here is a look at some of the positive attributes of commercial icon collections vis a vis the free images:

Cost: The cost of an icon set is to the tune of $100 and more depending on the number of images. However, free icon collections will normally have copyright concerns and/or you will need to offer accreditations when they are put to use on your site.

Size: Good quality image collections are available in a plethora of sizes, so even though you buy a single icon, you will get them in an assortment of sizes like 16×16, 24×24 etc; you can also purchase them in various states such as disabled, hot etc. On the other hand; free images are only available in a one state and size

License: You may have to face some problems with the a license that costs nothing; you will not be able to alter the images in any sense nor will you be able to use them as much as you like but with professional icon collections, you can use the images whenever and wherever you want.

Utility: Good icon libraries will usually have ample of pictures to meet all your programming and web graphic expectation ; however, with free graphics even if you can find fairly good graphics, these are very rare which means that you may find it very hard to make use of these graphics when designing applications or websites.

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